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Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Brisbane

Are you looking for a way to add value and beauty to your home or commercial property?  Then think concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane people!   They are one of the best and cost effective building systems available today. Gone are the days of uneven stone, boring brick or high maintenance timber retaining walls. Concrete sleepers have the advantage of extra durability and strength as well as affordability.  All this while also providing the look and feel of other materials that blend with and enhance their natural settings.

A Way to Level Sloping Landscapes

If your landscape naturally slopes and would benefit from being levelled, building a retaining wall will do the job.  Concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane style improves sloping areas for adding gardens, patios or additional level grounds for use. Retaining walls for such improvements require much durability, strength and weather resistance to perform properly.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are attractive and value-adding options for almost any landscaping project.  In addition, they are also durable and have myriad advantages over most other types of retaining wall materials, including timber.

Advantages of Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

When you add a retaining wall to create or enhance your landscaping, a concrete sleeper retaining wall has many advantages that rival other materials. One being concrete sleepers are so versatile they can mimic the aesthetic looks of other, less desirable retaining wall materials. Materials, such as timber, look good, but are not so durable. Stone can look good, but is slower and more difficult to work with.  Both of these retaining wall materials are largely irregular in shape and so less modular and cost more to work with.  They cost more in time to assemble.  They will also cost more in maintenance over time.

Other advantages that make concrete sleepers a superior choice include:

  • Steel reinforced for strength and durability to last for years
  • Resistant to destructive pests like termites
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • Cannot split, rot or warp like wood materials
  • Easier to build than other materials
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, styles and colours that will not fade or chip over time
  • Weather resistant

Low Maintenance Alternative to Timber or Stone

Since timber and wood products are susceptible to termites and other intrusive insects, they need to be treated and re-treated. Wood products may also rot or warp over time and need replacing. Wood materials are also susceptible to fire damage whereas concrete is fireproof.

Different types of stone may chip, crack or become displaced over time and with wear.  Consequently, this requires replacing the stones or rebuilding a completely new wall.

Fortunately, you can choose concrete sleepers to mimic the look of your favourite wood finish or stone.  So, you can have a great-looking, maintenance-free retaining wall that will last for decades!

Styles and Colours that will not Fade or Chip

It does not matter what style of timber or stone you have your heart set on. The manufacturing process of concrete sleepers ensures you will have what you want without the headaches later.

Colours mixed in with the concrete, not painted on, make them impervious to fading and chipping.

Concrete Cladding for High-Quality Facades

Architectural precast concrete cladding produces a finish that rivals natural materials. The results are impeccable, giving you the option of a wide range of textures and patterns to choose from.  So you can choose from many looks for your retaining wall, including the look of sandstone and timber.

Weather Resistance

When you live in a climate that experiences extremes in hot and cold weather, retaining walls made from concrete sleepers have added benefits.  Concrete sleepers hold up against the constant freezing and thawing processes.  In Brisbane and South East Queensland in general we do experience quite these extremes in some parts.  So, it’s good to know were’re choosing ideal construction materials in choosing concrete sleeper retaining walls, Brisbane!

Value-Added Street Appeal and Landscaping

Concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane and elsewhere are the ideal addition to any number of landscaping projects.  Landscaping projects that add street (curb) appeal and value to your property are nearly always worthwhile. You can purchase concrete sleepers in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to fit any project requirement.

Some of the projects where retaining walls can be used include:

  • Terraces
  • Patios and decks
  • Gardens
  • Boundary walls for extra protection against termites
  • Sunken courtyards
  • Timeless addition to outdoor stairs
  • Neatly edged pathways
  • Protection for your home or building against earth slides and erosion

There are also some clever aesthetic additions that can be included in concrete sleeper retaining wall constructions that you may not have thought about.  These are eye-catching ideas and may add even more value to your property, as well as enjoyment for the occupants! Some of these innovative design ideas include:

  • Adding a fountain into the wall
  • Retaining wall designed around an outdoor BBQ
  • Add recessed lighting to brighten up the evenings
  • Built-in bench seating in a garden wall

Incorporating any of these eye-catching additions into your landscaping will make your property stand out above the rest!

Some of these design ideas for retaining walls may require additional height.  Be sure to check with your local council requirements for retaining wall design.  For example, in Brisbane, you can check HERE.  Other council areas will have similar guidelines.

How Tall Can Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Be?

You can use concrete sleepers for walls up to 2.4 metres in height. Beyond this height, the sleepers require additional engineering to be structurally sound. If the total height of the wall and of the fill or cut retained by the wall is no more than one metre above the wall’s natural ground surface, no council approval is required.  However, you must apply to your local council for approval for walls above this.

Can I Build a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Myself?

If you are a keen DIY person and want to build your own retaining wall, it is possible.  However, you do first need to know the basics.  So you can build a solid, quality wall and avoid any headaches later, it’s wise to have some prior knowledge about how to construct concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane.

If the wall is not constructed properly, it may lean, crack or bulge over time.  This could mean tearing it down and building a new one – an expensive exercise.

So, the basics steps of concrete sleeper retaining wall installation are:

  1. Finding the right place and making sure it is level
  2. Preparing the grounds for installation, making sure you have enough backfill for the wall
  3. Concreting the posts into place
  4. Installing the sleepers and backfilling

If you need assistance, you can save time and costs by contacting us to help you with your concrete sleeper retaining wall installation.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

To add value and beauty to your home or commercial property, think concrete sleeper retaining walls, Brisbane people! So many to choose from.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Installation

Concrete sleeper retaining wall installation does not have to be complicated. If you are handy, you can build one yourself with our guidance.


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Why would I use concrete sleeper walls instead of rock or stone walls?

There are several reasons to use concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane people! Firstly, they are extremely cost effective. Secondly, they are modular and super easy to install. Certainly easier and quicker than rock or stone walls. Concrete sleeper retaining wall installation is very precise. Rock and stone, even if “cut” still varies greatly in tolerances. The modular concrete sleeper retaining wall design and installation method can be used in tight and tricky spaces, and made to work well. They take up less space (depth) and can be used to create corners that rock and stone just couldn’t manage (in the same space, if at all). There are many reasons to love concrete sleeper retaining walls!

Can I get a quote, even if I haven’t made up my mind?

Absolutely! We are happy to discuss your project and needs with you and let you know how we can help. There is no obligation to go ahead with any purchase or installation unless you are completely happy. We believe we offer great products and caring customer service, so we are confident you will be pleased with your experience when you deal with us! Give us a call today! 07 3171 3994

Which Projects Do You Recommend Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers For?

Concrete retaining wall sleepers can be utilised in numerous ways, not just to retain earth that has been banked up following a landscaping project. They can be put to use to make walls rapidly.  Perhaps you'd like them at the perimeter of your property instead of a fence.  Or, they could be used to shut off a part of your garden you don't want to look at from your home.

Of course, they come into their own when they are used to form retaining walls against a slope.  So, they are frequently put to use for terracing or levelling projects. That said, you could just as easily use them to make raised planters that will add height to your beds. They are certainly ideal for garden edging projects or for making vegetable beds.

In terms of hard landscaping, they can also be used to form convenient steps and walkways, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial projects.

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What Benefits Can I Expect of My Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers Once They Are Installed?

Because of their modular nature, concrete retaining wall sleepers are much easier to work with than other materials.  Compared with other landscaping materials, such as stone, for example, construction is much quicker and easier. However, this is not the least of their many advantages.

If you were to opt for a timber sleeper, for example, then it would eventually rot.  Even if it were kiln dried and had a wood preservative applied to it, timber sleepers rot eventually. However, since this does not occur when concrete is exposed to moisture, you can expect much longer-lasting results.

Furthermore, concrete can be made with a wide range of finishes and colours.  This added flexibility is something which is not always possible with many of the alternatives. Despite these major plus points, concrete sleepers are extremely affordable, making them the ideal material for most retaining wall jobs.

Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers

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Are There Any Corrosion Issues I Need to Take Into Account With Concrete Sleepers?

Concrete is an extremely durable material.  This means that will not corrode in the way that metal might rust or timber might rot, for example. That said, the posts you use with concrete sleepers can be liable to some forms of corrosion over time. This is particularly the case when they will be exposed to excessive amounts of water, especially salty water from sea spray. In some cases, you will need to consider the reinforcements of your sleepers where seawater might be present. These issues can be overcome.  In order to ensure the right material selection, we'd advise talking to us in more depth about which products to opt for.  This is particularly relevant if you intend using them by the coast.

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What Maintenance Issues Are There With Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers?

As they are made from a durable material, there is virtually nothing you need to do to keep concrete wall sleepers in mint condition. Just cleaning them once in a while will preserve their appearance by removing any build-up of mould or moss. Some people notice a white powdery appearance on their sleepers. This is salt that is drawn out by water evaporating after rainfall. Simply scrub them with a diluted acid solution and then water them down thoroughly.  Then, they will look as good as new.

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