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Concrete sleepers are growing in popularity in residential and public spaces and are found in abundance where we live and work. Concrete sleepers Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast – wherever you care to look. These precast concrete landscaping sleepers are increasingly being used in a number of specific aesthetic and functional manners. At Concrete Sleepers Direct, we offer to you concrete sleepers Brisbane, which:

  • Can be used for things like stepping stones, walkways, garden edges, vegetable patches, raised garden beds, planter boxes, retaining walls with a fence on top and aesthetics.
  • Come in a variety of colours, textures and effects to deliver the look that an area needs.
  • Benefit your needs better than other types of sleepers, like timber.

Uses of Concrete Sleepers Brisbane and South East Queensland

The term ‘retaining wall’ is commonplace in landscape design. So, concrete sleepers are probably best known as being used for retaining walls because of this. However, although they are extremely effective in the use of concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane or elsewhere, this isn’t their only use. Concrete sleeper retaining walls are excellent at preventing soil erosion, which is all to common due to our unpredictable and harsh weather. And a modern look in any garden or outdoor space designed to please the eyes is super effective in adding liveable outdoor space. But in addition, concrete sleepers are used competently for other purposes like stepping stones, walkways, garden edges, vegetable patches, planter boxes and tree surrounds or borders.

Different Styles of Concrete Sleepers

Variety of finishes

There are as many different styles of concrete sleeper finishes as there are different uses for them! Different finishes of sleepers can be selected to give any space its very own styled look. Different gardens and outdoor areas all have their own theme. So a concrete sleeper finish which ties in with the flow of the eyes from one object to the next can be selected. Concrete sleepers Brisbane can be selected with a finish that is:

  • smooth,
  • rough,
  • timber style finish,
  • a sandstone finish, or
  • finished to look like rock or slate.

Variety of colours

Whilst on the topic of aesthetically pleasing effects – why should you settle for grey coloured sleepers? Select sleepers coloured to make the finish used all the more convincing, all while keeping all the superior structural integrity of the concrete material. Have your timber finish made wood-coloured brown, your sandstone made a realistic colour. Even have your plain textured sleeper coloured to whatever you feel your personal need may be!

Benefits of Concrete as a material for sleepers

Untreated timber sleepers have never been effective. They relatively quickly rot away and get eaten by termites. Over time, they nearly ‘melt’ into the soil they are embedded in. With the fazing out of treated timber sleepers due to the banning of certain chemicals, a new approach is needed. (Read more here: and here: Timber Treatments.pdf

The options for modular, cost effective, long-lasting and flexible garden structures and concrete sleeper retaining wall installation are brought down to this. A choice between untreated timber sleepers and concrete sleepers. Concrete sleepers don’t erode anywhere as fast as timber. Furthermore, they can stand for a long time with little sign of physical wear if placed correctly. On top of this termites have never throughout history shown any interest in eating concrete at all! While it is widely known they look for huge amounts of timber in their high-fibre diets! Concrete sleepers are all round the best to use on the market. This is for their structural integrity and resistance to wear and erosion. In addition it is because they are more easily shaped and coloured than timber for the aesthetic benefits they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Council approval required to build a retaining wall?

In Brisbane, council approval is generally not required for a retaining wall less than 1 metre in height. Checking with the council before beginning the project is always recommended, however.

How much does a concrete sleeper weigh?

An Average 2 metre concrete sleeper will weigh around 70-80 kg. Obviously, this will vary with different sizes and shapes.

Do your products meet Australian standards and expectations for concrete sleepers?

Yes, every product we sell will meet the Australian standard for Earth Retaining Structures (AS 4678-2002). They will also fill all the expectations advertised and guaranteed.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

To add value and beauty to your home or commercial property, think concrete sleeper retaining walls, Brisbane people! So many to choose from.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Installation

Concrete sleeper retaining wall installation does not have to be complicated. If you are handy, you can build one yourself with our guidance.


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Concrete sleepers and concrete sleeper retaining walls are our main business. Unlike many other businesses who offer all types of materials and options, we specialise, so we are expert in one thing. The benefit to you is our focus, our experience and our dedicated service to your needs!

Here are some things we’re often asked about:


We can provide you with a no obligation, comprehensive quote that details your cost breakdown. This way you know exactly what you are getting and when you will get it.

Will I have to wait long?

Our friendly staff are always on standby, waiting for your call. So, we can provide the advice you need and the quote you're after when you need it. Your satisfaction is our priority, so call today to get the service you deserve!

Why would I use concrete sleeper walls instead of rock or stone walls?

There are several reasons to use concrete sleeper retaining walls Brisbane people! Firstly, they are extremely cost effective. Secondly, they are modular and super easy to install. Certainly easier and quicker than rock or stone walls. Concrete sleeper retaining wall installation is very precise. Rock and stone, even if “cut” still varies greatly in tolerances. The modular concrete sleeper retaining wall design and installation method can be used in tight and tricky spaces, and made to work well. They take up less space (depth) and can be used to create corners that rock and stone just couldn’t manage (in the same space, if at all). There are many reasons to love concrete sleeper retaining walls!

Can I get a quote, even if I haven’t made up my mind?

Absolutely! We are happy to discuss your project and needs with you and let you know how we can help. There is no obligation to go ahead with any purchase or installation unless you are completely happy. We believe we offer great products and caring customer service, so we are confident you will be pleased with your experience when you deal with us! Give us a call today! 07 3171 3994

Which Projects Do You Recommend Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers For?

Concrete retaining wall sleepers can be utilised in numerous ways, not just to retain earth that has been banked up following a landscaping project. They can be put to use to make walls rapidly.  Perhaps you'd like them at the perimeter of your property instead of a fence.  Or, they could be used to shut off a part of your garden you don't want to look at from your home.

Of course, they come into their own when they are used to form retaining walls against a slope.  So, they are frequently put to use for terracing or levelling projects. That said, you could just as easily use them to make raised planters that will add height to your beds. They are certainly ideal for garden edging projects or for making vegetable beds.

In terms of hard landscaping, they can also be used to form convenient steps and walkways, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial projects.

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What Benefits Can I Expect of My Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers Once They Are Installed?

Because of their modular nature, concrete retaining wall sleepers are much easier to work with than other materials.  Compared with other landscaping materials, such as stone, for example, construction is much quicker and easier. However, this is not the least of their many advantages.

If you were to opt for a timber sleeper, for example, then it would eventually rot.  Even if it were kiln dried and had a wood preservative applied to it, timber sleepers rot eventually. However, since this does not occur when concrete is exposed to moisture, you can expect much longer-lasting results.

Furthermore, concrete can be made with a wide range of finishes and colours.  This added flexibility is something which is not always possible with many of the alternatives. Despite these major plus points, concrete sleepers are extremely affordable, making them the ideal material for most retaining wall jobs.

Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers

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Are There Any Corrosion Issues I Need to Take Into Account With Concrete Sleepers?

Concrete is an extremely durable material.  This means that will not corrode in the way that metal might rust or timber might rot, for example. That said, the posts you use with concrete sleepers can be liable to some forms of corrosion over time. This is particularly the case when they will be exposed to excessive amounts of water, especially salty water from sea spray. In some cases, you will need to consider the reinforcements of your sleepers where seawater might be present. These issues can be overcome.  In order to ensure the right material selection, we'd advise talking to us in more depth about which products to opt for.  This is particularly relevant if you intend using them by the coast.

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What Maintenance Issues Are There With Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers?

As they are made from a durable material, there is virtually nothing you need to do to keep concrete wall sleepers in mint condition. Just cleaning them once in a while will preserve their appearance by removing any build-up of mould or moss. Some people notice a white powdery appearance on their sleepers. This is salt that is drawn out by water evaporating after rainfall. Simply scrub them with a diluted acid solution and then water them down thoroughly.  Then, they will look as good as new.

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